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Personalized Gifts for Nonprofits

Water bottles, travel mugs, journals, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, plush blankets, and more! Spoke’s wide array of premium, personalized products will surely leave a lasting impression on current and prospective donors.

Steward and Thank Donors With Personalized Gifts

Now more than ever, print-on-demand (POD) strategies can enhance how nonprofits reach out to, recognize, and honor donors. Let Spoke Custom help you establish your POD program and take your nonprofit to the next level.



of donors are more likely to give if they are offered a gift.
- Nonprofit Tech For Good


of donors are willing to donate up to 10% more upon receiving an “individualized experience” vs. mass-marketed communications.

- Accenture


of nonprofits are increasing their budgets for automation tools as part of their digital marketing plan. POD supports automated fulfillment efforts.

- Nonprofit Source

create community around your nonprofit infographic

Raise Awareness in a Personal Way

Up to 85% of consumers can recall a company after receiving a branded promotional product. Personalized gifts make it easy to raise awareness for a cause or show gratitude in a one-of-a-kind, memorable way.

Increase Efficiency 

With Spoke’s innovative POD solutions, you can efficiently print and ship individual units, avoid acquiring unnecessary inventory, and streamline fulfillment processes to take the burden off your staff and volunteers. 

Enhance Your Value

For contributors, personalized items from non-profit organizations can help form a deeper connection. Plus, using the products gives donors a chance to showcase messages and causes they care about, building loyalty and generating brand awareness. Many supporters are even willing to pay for customization if it’s a high-quality item they’ll use or gift.

Ready to explore how Spoke Custom can help you plan your POD strategy? 

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