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Customized Integration Options
Designed to Fit Your Needs

Whether you want to manage your print-on-demand portal in-house or opt for Spoke’s full hands-on support, we have 3 customized integration options designed to:

✔️ Require minimal upfront effort

✔️ Integrate with your existing platform or audience data

✔️ Be simple to work with and scale

✔️ Fit YOUR unique needs

Third-Party OMS


Order Desk, Mirakle, DuoPlane, Logic Broker

We’ve integrated our platform and API with Order Desk, allowing you to push orders directly from your ecommerce platform. You can integrate through Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Brightstores, or hundreds of other pre-built platforms. Your order will be automatically sent to us, fulfilled by our print experts, and expedited to your customer within 72 hours.


✔️Control product setup for frictionless integration with your current catalog

✔️ Direct connection to hundreds of ecommerce platforms

✔️ Streamlined automations cut back on manual updates

Custom API


Spoke offers a full order intake API which allows you to integrate your eCommerce platform directly with our backend, complete with confirmation of order shipments and tracking information.


✔️ Customizable for any ecommerce store 

✔️ Complete tracking of order status

✔️ Scalable for enterprise solutions

Turnkey Store


You’ll tell us which of our catalog products you’d like to offer, provide us with your banner and logo or unique artwork, and we’ll work with you to create a custom site for your ecommerce orders and gift redemption.


✔️ Ideal for events, gifting, merchandise sales & more

✔️ Customizable look & feel that works with your brand

✔️ No management required - our team does all the work for you

Let our experts help you decide which integration provides the best solution for you. 

No matter which one you choose, you can count on Spoke for a personalized, frictionless, print-on-demand solution that fits your needs and best supports your business. 

Ready to learn more? Schedule a quick call with one of our experts to get started.

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