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10 Great Personalized Experiences from E-Tailers That Will Inspire You

Today’s online shoppers are looking for personal experiences, so it’s not surprising that print on demand (POD) has been making such a splash with digital retailers and their customers.

Retailers love offering their customers additional high-quality product options that require no additional inventory or storage costs on their part, and customers love the ability to customize their purchases.

And where personalization once meant long wait times, today’s POD solutions now allow customers to order right from their favorite retailers’ sites and have their order shipped to them in as little as 72 hours.

So is it any wonder POD has become one of the #1 ways online stores are now offering personalization to their shoppers?

Here are 10 online retailers who are setting the bar—high—when it comes to offering their customers the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

See if these unique takes on personalization don’t inspire you with a new idea or two… too.


Nike allows customers to design their own customized kicks at Nike By You. On the site, shoppers can choose their favorite shoe and pick from a variety of colors to co-create a unique combination all their own. Nike even offers tips and tricks via short videos to help bring out the designer in everyone.


“Frame your memories with fragrance…” In just four fun steps, shoppers can choose a candle style, pick a favorite scent, upload a photo, and write a message to create a unique gift or keepsake. And at just $5, it’s an inexpensive way to commemorate a special occasion or memorable milestone.


Turn yourself, your family, pets, or coworkers into an iconic yellow character… just like the ones from the long-running animated TV show that shall not be named (since Turned Yellow is not affiliated with said show). Select a background, upload a photo, and get your custom artwork printed for you—or print it out digitally yourself. And voila! Your new custom print is ready to hang right alongside your flatscreen.


Turn your photo memories into books, mugs, canvas prints, and more. You can easily upload your photos and create online albums, plus, see your creations in real-time before you hit that order button. The site also offers tutorials on how to work with your photos to create the best products possible.


Answer some questions about your skincare concerns and get customized products that also take into account your environment and lifestyle. Site visitors can take a 3-minute quiz and A.I. determines what ingredients should (or shouldn’t) be in your unique skin care set. Plus, you can get your personalized products shipped to your door every month.


What better way to recognize your fur babies than on a personalized tee, mug, or poster? Welcome to MyPawarts where dog moms and dads can create one-of-a-kind artwork featuring their furry friends. Rex will never be more excited to see you than when you’re wearing his face on your brand-new t-shirt.


At Wonderbly, book lovers can create personalized tales for readers from ages 0-100. Just insert the recipient’s name into one of over 40 books featuring hand-drawn illustrations and help “inspire the next generation of brave, imaginative, book-loving kids –one personalized story at a time.”


L.L. Bean’s mainstay canvas tote bag, the Boat and Tote, comes in various sizes and customizable colors, and can feature a monogram or name of your choice. And while you may not have previously known the official name of this iconic carryall, chances are you’ve seen one or two while out and about—or perhaps even own this canvas workhorse yourself.


At Yeti, online shoppers can customize high-quality coolers and drinkware with ready-made designs, or add their personal touch with monograms, custom text, or artwork. Customization can also be done on water bowls for your furry family members.


A favorite of celebrities and influencers, Casetify can customize everything from Apple Watch Bands and Airpods cases, to MagSafe wallets and phone cases for a variety of popular makes and models. You can also create personalized phone charms on the site to further showcase your one-of-a-kind style.


Today’s online shoppers are looking for ways to customize their purchases, and when it comes to making things personal for their customers, these companies above have it wired.

Spoke Custom provides unique print-on-demand solutions for enterprise e-tailers who want to offer their customers a wide variety of customizable, premium branded product options.


See how Spoke’s personalization solutions can help you create long-lasting connections with your audience. Schedule a quick discovery call with our team to learn more.


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