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How To Calculate Your Marketing ROI on Gifting

The act of gift-giving supports core psychological and social bonds. While the emotional benefits are vastly immeasurable, for marketing and sales teams, we know it’s all about that bottom-line.

Developing a gift-giving strategy starts with defining your budget and establishing goals for your campaign, and those goals and budget will determine what type of gift is the right choice. From there you can calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Spoke can help you develop a personalized campaign that meets your ROI goals and connects with your target audience. Let’s connect.

Many industries lean on print-on-demand when developing a gift-giving strategy. POD can take weight off resources and make it possible to produce high-quality, personalized gifts with the support of an automated fulfillment process.

Whether you’re looking to increase applications and sales, or develop a fool-proof retention strategy, calculating your campaign’s ROI can set expectations for your organization. Across industries and verticals, a personalized gifting strategy can improve ROI:

ROI in Higher Education

  • 2x in early applications by gifting personalized products

  • 7% increase in enrollment when combined with right tactics

  • Applicants and employees who make good use out of their personalized products support broader marketing and brand awareness for higher ed

ROI for Events and Conferences

ROI for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Remaining top-of-mind is important for nonprofits. Automation tools, including print-on-demand, make managing marketing and fulfillment efforts more efficient.

  • Personalized gifts can help form a deeper connection with donors, volunteers and employees.

  • Gifts allow donors a chance to showcase messages and causes they care about, building loyalty and generating brand awareness.


Optimize ROI When Targeting Prospects, Customers, and Employees

Print-on-demand is important when it comes to establishing a memorable connection with your audience and maximizing your marketing dollars. Calculating your ROI makes it possible to scale your campaigns and measure your potential impact.

Marketers who use personalization to reach customers can calculate their ROI by setting goals for conversions or sales. Whether the ROI is measured by calculable sales or perceived loyalty, Spoke can help you crunch the numbers to create a memorable, effective campaign.

Organizations who incorporate gifting to build connections with employees or develop reward strategies can measure ROI through recruitment ratings or by setting team retention goals.

The proof is in the stats:


Maximize Your ROI with Print-on-Demand

Print-on-demand with Spoke will enable sophisticated integrations. Our partnership will make it possible to set the bar high with personalized, memorable products. Whether you need 10 or 10,000, Spoke’s process makes it possible to plan, print, and ship one-of-a-kind products, and we understand how every bit of efficiency can benefit your ROI.

With streamlined shipping and fulfillment, your team can save time to focus on strategies that matter most. Also, you won’t have to coordinate space for unnecessary inventory. Instead, you’ll be able to print and deliver personalized gifts quickly to showcase your gratitude and develop meaningful, emotional bonds.

At the end of the day, a print-on-demand process can improve conversion and sales, and help stretch your marketing budget.

Let’s talk.

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