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Quality Products: A Must in ECommerce

5 star quality rating from customer

Your customers define quality in numerous ways—luxurious, durable, efficient, or easy to use for starters. But no matter how you or your customers define quality, the benefits of offering products customers deem as “high-quality” are countless. And the costs of offering cheap products… well, they’re unfortunately countless too.

From a bottom-line perspective, offering quality products to your customers helps to build customer loyalty and brand recognition, and keeps the costs associated with returns low.

From a customer perspective, people like to buy from proven brands they know and trust. Take for example a recent survey which found that more than 80% of shoppers consider brand trust before making a final purchase decision. And with 81% of all marketers eyeing their brand’s customer satisfaction rate as a chief differentiator from their competitors… shouldn’t all brands be focused on selling high-quality products to help earn and keep their customer’s trustand their repeat business?

Loyal customers cultivated through brand trust, not only contribute to the bottom line through higher customer lifetime value, they’re also a brand’s biggest source of ambassadors. And that’s something to celebrate, because 92% of consumers believe family and friends when they recommend a product.

So… what happens when customers purchase cheap, poor quality products from a brand they trust?

When a product doesn’t deliver due to poor design, low-quality materials, or shoddy craftsmanship, it doesn’t just undermine a customer’s trust in that particular product, but also their trust in the brand who sold it. Low-quality products irreparably harm ecommerce brands—damaging customer loyalty, retention, and the likelihood of referrals.

But the cost of quality products vs. cheaply made products is bigger than a battle for consumer trust. Because cheaply made products come with a not-so-secret dirty little secret… They also cost the environment at every stage of their production cycles.

Author, professor, and public speaker Michael Carolan asserts that a product’s “cheapness” is an illusion—as their production often relies on the exploitation of poor workers and the environment—making the real cost of low prices “alarmingly high.”

As the second-highest industry for water consumption and responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions, Fast Fashion is one sector that’s been under fire for churning out cheap products at the cost of the planet. But all retailers bear the responsibility of helping to protect our shared planetary resources and the effect the production of their products have on warming global climates.


With etailers having nearly countless choices at their disposal when it comes to getting their products created and/or fulfilled… offering affordable, high-quality products produced by reputable vendors is now easier, and more accessible, than ever.

Spoke Custom offers a wide assortment of environmentally-conscious and premium products, to delight every customer. And all high-quality SKUs offered by Spoke can be personalized by your customer, and shipped direct within 72 hours of their order.

To explore how Spoke’s premium, customizable product assortment can benefit your storefront, connect with our experts today.


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