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How Gifting Builds Bonds With Your Target Audience

Delivering delight with a gift has the power to foster lasting bonds with your consumer.

We can all agree: it’s great to give a gift, and even better to receive one. And if it’s a good gift, it doesn’t matter who it comes from — it’s a delight.

The power of gift giving to create an emotional bond between the giver and the recipient is well-documented, and brands have the power to create that kind of connection with others. Businesses and organizations that understand consumer behavior and the human psychology of gifting know that it enables them to create an emotional connection with their audience that will strengthen relationships and boost the recipient’s perception and appreciation of that brand. The byproduct of that strengthened connection? Increased brand loyalty, increased engagement, and a potential boost to sales.

Let’s take a deeper look at the principles of psychology, and consider why gift-giving can become an essential tactic in your marketing strategy for customers, prospects, employees, and donors.


The Psychology of Gift Giving

The psychology behind gift-giving runs deep, offering unique cognitive and emotional benefits for both gift-givers and recipients.

Strengthen Bonds: Purposeful Gifts

Gift-giving creates personal, memorable bonds that strengthen relationships. Whether you’re looking to foster and develop a new personal or professional connection, or vying to take an existing partnership to the next level, a thoughtful gift can genuinely showcase your commitment and intention.

Consider how you can use personalized gifts to create a memorable first impression with a new customer. You can set your brand apart by creating a unique moment in time, and gift a personalized product that will continue to evoke positive sentiment. Thoughtful, high-quality products are always more likely to be used by the recipient, because they add actual value to their lives. Brands that can deliver this level of an experience take the fast-track to fostering strong brand loyalty and connection.


Show Gratitude: Thank-You Gifts

Gifting is a thoughtful way to show gratitude. This is especially helpful in recognizing the contributions of employees or donors. If you’re looking for a truly meaningful way to memorialize an experience, honor someone’s service, or thank them for their support of your cause, don’t just tell them how much you appreciate it — show them. Look to using personalized gifts when you want to give thanks and show your appreciation for those who matter most.


Support Well-Being: Spontaneous Gifts

A little bit of love and the benefits of goodwill go a long way for both the giver and the recipient.

Random acts of kindness have shown to reduce pain and stress while bolstering feelings of love and happiness for the recipient. Those who receive meaningful gifts and praise may experience higher energy levels. This energy can reduce stress and anxiety, and translates to a healthier, longer lifespan.

Orchestrating a loving, meaningful act of kindness is two-fold, and is beneficial for gift-givers, too. The process of thoughtfully planning for another person’s happiness is proven to manifest empathy, increasing one’s compassion for a relationship or situation, and enhancing a mutual bond. Brands that embrace this concept can strengthen connections with their audience through a spontaneous gift — personalized based on their interests, if possible — and put their audience’s wellbeing and happiness at the forefront of their marketing efforts are more likely to develop long-term brand loyalty.

Knowing that you can boost morale and add value to other people’s lives triggers good social wellbeing all around.

Gifting items that have both value and utility like a wireless earbuds charger with their name or your logo on it can create a lasting memory.


The Business Benefits of Gift Giving

Studies show that practical gifts are overwhelmingly favored by recipients, and we know that high-quality purposeful gifts neither need to be expensive or complex. If you’re in the position to survey your audience to narrow down what types of products interest them, use the data to your advantage. Brands that understand how audiences react to even simple, sophisticated products can easily leverage the emotional connection that develops through small, cumulative efforts.

Delivering a gift in a meaningful way can increase conversion rates, create goodwill, and keeps conversations alive. It’s the easiest way to amplify engagement efforts and add meaning to your mission.

Marketing and sales departments, business development leaders, managers and directors for teams of all kinds can foster unity and memorable connection with the help of a personalized gifting plan. And with Spoke, you won’t have to worry about storing inventory or managing a complicated fulfillment process. You can order personalized gifts for your recipients to fulfill on a marketing sales strategy, or just when the desire to show pride and goodwill strikes.

Package gratitude and appreciation with a personalized gift that makes an impact. Choosing a product that’s meaningful to your brand will stand out.

More than ever, high-quality, personalized experiences and branded goods can set you apart and create a big impact. Leverage what you know about human psychology. Let Spoke Custom can help you deliver gifts that create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience for your audience.

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