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5 Great Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Every holiday season, we hunt for the perfect presents for those we care about most.

So here are some standout holiday gift ideas we found that are sure to get you on anyone’s “Good” list. From Aunt Susan to your son’s 4th-grade teacher to your favorite enterprise client, these personalized holiday gift options have something for everyone.

Here’s hoping this gives you some inspiration, not just for your own holiday gift-giving, but for ways you can customize products and services for your clients and customers.

Happy Holidays!


What animal-loving kiddo wouldn’t want to fall asleep to visions of sugarplums and their best friend saving Christmas? This whimsical storybook, full of colorful illustrations, stars your family’s four-legged fur baby as the main character and can be customized with your choice of 20 dog breeds… and up to four family members' names. It’s a pawesome gift for your favorite young—or young at heart—pet lover this holiday season.


2. For the host or hostess: A Personalized Cutting Board on Amazon

Years from now, 2022 could be known as the “Year of Charcuterie.” From the basic cheese and cracker boards, to butter boards making the rounds on TikTok, to dessert boards brimming over with caramel popcorn and chocolate-dipped strawberries, a personalized cutting board is sure to please any host who loves sharpening their cheese knives. Choose from different board sizes, 11 designs, and 5 wood styles—makes a great gift for weddings or your favorite corporate client too.


3. For just about anyone with a sense of humor:

Loved by celebrities and recommended by outlets like Forbes and, features numerous products on which you can feature (you guessed it : ) your face—or the face of anyone you don’t want to miss for a moment—on anything from socks to aprons to shower curtains. Think of your honey every time you step into your bathroom and dry your hands on their sweet punum, or when you slip your feet into those custom slide sandals and see them smiling up at you. And what fun-loving boss wouldn’t love to flash a pair of face-socks featuring themself at the next all-staff meeting?


When you want to make absolutely sure your siblings know who the real family favorite is, they can’t miss the message with this personalized pillow. You’ll be featured front and center when everyone sits down to open their presents, only to find themselves being cushioned by the very pillow letting them know who's really in charge. Available in multiple colors and sizes, the cover is removable so it can be easily washed when your brother or sister “accidentally” spills their hot cocoa all over it.


5. For the friends who have just about everything:

For your favorite couple next door… Give them a personalized sign featuring their photogenic mugs to hang prominently on the sun porch. Choose from multiple copy options, customize skin tone, hair color, and outfits, and even add their fur babies (with lots of breeds to choose from). Wander Prints also offer personalized holiday ornaments, custom hoodies, and more to cover everyone on your list.

There you have it: a roundup of some of our favorite customizable holiday gifts this season. So let the giving begin and stand by for the smiles!


How can you personalize your customers’ experiences?

You can count on Spoke Custom for year-round personalized gift-giving. Order one or a thousand: It’s totally up to you with no minimum order required. Want to create a limited-edition product run for your online storefront? Spoke’s print-on-demand solutions have you covered—no inventory risks and no upfront costs.

Our high-quality assortment—from tumblers to tech—is ready and waiting for your brand customization and gift-giving needs.


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